Webmail access changes

Webmail access changes

All webmail access will be migrated from "mail.dezillium.com" to "webmail.dezillium.com". This change is necessary to improve the security and speed of our services by separating email services from our web services, as well as implementing some internal changes for high availability.

This change will be made for our resellers as well, ie. "mail.example.com" to "webmail.example.com". Please take appropriate steps to inform your clients (see timetable below).

Email clients (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.) do not need to be updated. The email servers still remain as "mail.dezillium.com".

What you need to do

You should not use "mail.dezillium.com" for your webmail access.

You should edit your bookmarks for "mail.dezillium.com" to point to "webmail.dezillium.com". For more information on how to do that, please see your web browser's documentation.

What we will do to ease transition

We will implement a permanent redirect (a 301 HTTP response) on our servers for some time, that should cause your browser to update its bookmarks to the new location. We have not, and can not, test this across all the web browsers, so manual bookmark editing may be necessary.

Timetable for transition

  1. 2018/07/24 - Publication of this notice. Status: Completed
  2. 2018/07/25 - System changes to accommodate the new subdomains. Status: Completed
  3. 2018/07/26 - Internal testing for the new subdomains. Status: Completed
  4. 2018/08/01 - Transition date: mail.* will return "301 permanent redirect". Status: Completed
  5. 2018/08/07 - Systems will stop returning "301 permanent redirect". All webmail access will be exclusively through "webmail.dezillium.com" or your corresponding "webmail.example.com" subdomain for resellers. Status: Completed
Update: Access to webmail by "mail" subdomains has been cut off early due to an increase in bot scanning of our servers. All webmail access is now through the "webmail" subdomains.