What, no Happy B-day for us???

3 years ago, on January 26th 2012, deZillium was founded. Most web hosting companies are founded on Monday, and come Friday evening they are already going through an asset clearing because they went out of business. If they bothered to register a company that is.
A few words on how deZillium has withstood the test of time: Right from the start, we believed (and still do) that every customer deserves the BEST. To provide that we have spent countless days and nights performing upgrades, staying on top of security related issues, and helping our customers through any problems they have encountered. We don't see it as a job. We see it as our life. We just ask for money to buy us bread and milk to not starve to death while doing it.
Since we are on the subject of the BEST, deZillium was the first company in the world to respond to the Heartbleed bug (SSLv3 bug). We actually sat back and pointed to the "industry leaders" as they ran around, arms thrown in the air, yelling "the sky is falling, the sky is falling!". Why? Because when we warned world+dog that SSLv3 is insecure and people should stop using it, nobody listened to us. So we did what others didn't have the guts to do: we said enough is enough, and stopped supporting SSLv3, dozens of months before the actual Heartbleed bug that pushed the entire industry to stop supporting it (that's a lie, most still do). We drew the line and decided we might as well lose a couple of customers (actually didn't lose anyone) than compromise the security for the rest of our customers.
We withstood the test of time because unlike our competitors we are not copy-cats. We don't stare glazed-eyed on the new technologies mumbling "my preciousssss...". We don't say "we are using tomorrow's technology today" as a free marketing slogan. We actually use those technologies. deZillium was the first company in Cyprus to offer IPv6 hosting. It's 2015, and most ISPs here will be rolling out IPv6 in the coming months. We outpaced them on their own playing field, and that's an undeniable fact.
Since we don't like dragging our feet behind others, we implemented DMARC protection for all hosted email customers. DMARC is a technology that guarantees that unauthorized senders don't send email claiming to come from your domain. That puts us in the same group as companies like Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. We'll leave those companies' reputation do the talking on our behalf.
In the 3 years since our founding, we managed to turn a tiny unknown web hosting company, on an even tinier (and mostly unknown) island, into a highly respected company. We did that through INTEGRITY. Instead of just feeding off open source software communities we embraced and supported those communities through donations, both monetary and through man hours. And even gained a few customers along the way :-).
2015 will be a year that will push us even more, and already we have developed a few technologies that will give us a competitive advantage and tweaked a few existing technologies to help along. Technologies that will make our systems do what we want, how we want it, and when we want it.
deZillium would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for the trust they've put in us, and we would also like to renew our promise for this year: Security, Reliability, Customer Satisfaction. In that order ;-)

On behalf of deZillium's Board of Directors,
Demetris Demetriou
Co-founder and CEO of deZillium LTD