Maintenance schedule for April 25th - April 28th, 2015

UPDATE April 25th 11:10pm: Found some regressions during the upgrade. Troubleshooting and fixing before proceeding. The table shows DELAYED for what is currently delayed.

UPDATE April 26th 00:20am: Moving on with the upgrades.

UPDATE April 27th 8:05pm: Upgrade aborted. Moving to plan B.

Debian Linux 8.0 is scheduled for release on Saturday, 25th April 2015.

This is a major release, meaning we are expecting a few things to break along the way. At deZillium we always update when a new software version is available, so we are pretty much used to the sky falling on our heads by now.

This update will be a little different. We will update our secondary systems first, allow for 48 hours of testing/troubleshooting, then update our primary systems as well. We don't mind immediately updating all systems, but Debian Linux 8.0 will bring along PHP version 5.6, which could mean major breakage in large CMSs (eg. Wordpress) or custom websites. That's why we'll be delaying the (complete) update a bit, to allow for testing all of our hosted clients' websites.

All non-customer facing systems will be upgraded as soon as our local Debian mirror picks up the update.

The timetable below shows the maintenance schedule. Remember this is a multi-day upgrade process. Timezone is GMT+2.

Scheduled time Actual time Current status Duration Notes
April 25th 9:00pm April 25th 9:00pm COMPLETED Maintenance starts. Local on-premises Debian mirror expected to be up to date.
April 25th 9:01pm April 25th 9:01pm COMPLETED 29mins Local Debian mirror updates itself
April 25th 9:30pm April 25th 9:25pm COMPLETED 15mins Essential systems update. No customer facing servers yet.
April 25th 9:45pm April 25th 9:45pm COMPLETED 15mins Making sure everything works as expected before moving on to the production servers.
April 25th 10:00pm April 25th 10:50pm COMPLETED 1 hour Secondary systems backed up, upgraded and tested. Operating on reduced capacity. All customer websites and services tested.
April 25th 11:00pm April 26th 00:20am COMPLETED n/a Public services fail-over to secondary systems.
April 25th 11:00pm April 26th 00:25am IN PROGRESS 48 hours Secondary systems take over all operation. Allow for external testing of hosted websites.
April 27th 11:00pm - ABORTED! 30mins Primary systems backed up, upgraded and tested.
April 27th 11:30pm - ABORTED! 10mins Public services redirected as normal. Operating capacity returns to normal. More testing.
April 27th 11:40pm - ABORTED! n/a Stepping out of maintenance mode.
Color key:
Normal operation Slight possibility of someone getting fired Nail-chewing, nerve-racking, de-caf time. If it's going to hit the fan, it's happening now.