Maintenance schedule for Saturday, 10th January 2015

UPDATE:Maintenance delayed until 9:00pm. Our local mirror has not yet completed syncing with the upstream mirror. A pretty big update is coming ;-)

Debian 7.8 is scheduled for release on Saturday, 10th January 2015. As always, deZillium will be upgrading all of our systems running Debian immediately upon the actual release happening. For now, since we don't see any delays in the release schedule, we are scheduling the maintenance based on Debian's release schedule.

If the release happens earlier/later we'll be rescheduling aiming as close to the actual release as possible. The reason for immediate upgrade is that deZillium strongly believes in proper systems maintenance, by keeping everything we run up to date. Generally things shouldn't (key word) break between upgrades, and we'll be testing all hosted services for any signs of breakage. If we miss something, you are hereby granted permission to nag us about it. Or organize peaceful protests. Which ever suits you better.

The timetable below lists the various steps we'll be taking during the upgrade, along with their times. We know it's not pretty, but at least we try to be as thorough as possible.

Scheduled time Actual time Current status Duration Notes
8:00pm 9:00pm COMPLETED Maintenance starts. Local on-premises Debian mirror expected to be up to date.
8:10pm 9:10pm COMPLETED 20mins Local Debian mirror updates itself
8:30pm 9:30pm COMPLETED 20mins Non-essential systems update
8:50pm 9:50pm COMPLETED 20mins Essential systems update. No customer facing servers yet.
9:10pm 10:10pm COMPLETED 20mins Making sure everything works as expected before moving on to the production servers.
9:30pm 10:30pm COMPLETED 30mins Secondary systems upgraded and tested. Operating on reduced capacity.
10:00pm 11:00pm COMPLETED 10mins Internal fail-over to secondary systems. All customer websites and services tested.
10:10pm 11:05pm COMPLETED n/a Public services fail-over to secondary systems.
10:15pm 11:06pm COMPLETED 30mins Primary systems upgraded and tested.
10:45pm 11:10pm COMPLETED 10mins Internal fail-over to primary systems. All websites and services will be tested (yet again!) before moving on.
10:55pm 11:20pm COMPLETED n/a Public services fail-over to primary systems. Operating capacity returns to normal.
11:00pm 11:25pm COMPLETED n/a Stepping out of maintenance mode.
Color key:
Normal operation Slight possibility of someone getting fired Nail-chewing, nerve-racking, de-caf time. If it's going to hit the fan, it's happening now.