Important changes coming up in the following months.

Important changes are coming to deZillium in the coming months. Here's an overview of what we are currently working on:

  1.  A custom made website control panel. In our continuous efforts to innovate in our industry (not marketing talk, we have proven ourselves time and time again, and will continue to do so), we will be migrating all of our infrastructure to FreeBSD. The only downside to this is that the control panel we are currently using is not compatible with FreeBSD. More on this later on.
  2. A unification of many services under a single roof. No, not the creepy spy ads type. The type where you don't need to login to three different places in order to manage something. As a primary step, our control panel will be brought under our billing panel. This will allow for better and faster provisioning of services and products. We are aiming for better automation all round. Combined with the aforementioned control panel change, this will simplify our customer's workload (and ours) a whole lot.
  3.  A re-design of our reseller services. Resellers will now be able to select their logo, amongst other things, to customize the services they offer to their clients. It's a push for a more white-label reseller program on our part.

Short summary:
We will be redesigning most of our services to be more streamlined, faster and easier to set up, and allow for greater flexibility on the type of services we offer.

Long summary (warning:not for the faint hearted):
First of all why we are moving to FreeBSD. Ever since the creation of our company, we have used a mixture of mostly Debian and FreeBSD. It's not that we are not satisfied with Debian. On the contrary, we absolutely LOVE Debian. But we feel that the conservative release cycles of Debian have hindered our ability to provide cutting-edge services to our customers. FreeBSD will allow for greater freedom, as it's more closely aligned with upstream development of the various programs we use. This means that newer versions of programs we are currently using will be made available to you and us, which should (key-word :-)) improve your experience in using our services. It will also allow us to provide some newly developed technologies.

The unfortunate fact though is that the control panel we are currently using is not compatible with FreeBSD. We've had a few complains in the past weeks about a few usability perks that need to be worked out. We have responded by making it our top priority, hence the complete redesign of our internal infrastructure. We are currently dedicating most of our resources to developing the new custom control panel, the new internal API which will tie the control panel together with the billing panel and the server-side API which will automatically provision the services, but it's not something that will happen overnight. These will truly push men and machines to their limits and quite possibly beyond those limits.

We are designing the new APIs with cluster functionality first and foremost. That means that the new system is designed from the ground up based on multiple servers, for increased performance, even higher reliability and for easier maintenance on our part. On top of those, the new system will provide a higher degree of automation for faster service provisioning, server maintenance, and for a better customer experience. Good things don't come early though.

While we are it, we'll be unifying most of our services under a single roof. For example, you'll only need to login to a single place to check on your invoices, services, and manage those services (like adding a new website). This will be due to the new internal API's functionality.

And now for the changes to our reseller services. We have plans to allow our resellers to set up their own client portals, to allow their clients to directly interact with various services, while at the same time allow for improved branding of the portal (eg. a custom logo for the reseller). Customized service provision, customized webmail portals... a few tweaks here and there... ;-).

Those are the things we are currently working on. Hope you enjoyed reading them, as much as we enjoy working on them :-).