Happy New Year! And a new WordPress email template that some missed.

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! All the best to you and your loved (or hated) ones.

Following is the new "WordPress must be updated" template email, that was sent out last night. Support tickets have already been opened for customers, to keep track of issues that might crop up during their upgrades, if they were BAD, BAD customers and haven't upgraded by the time our systems performed the automated scan for outdated versions.

It's one of the new things we will be implementing this year to make your life a living hell... er... easier. For you. And us. Nothing to see here, move along.



This is an email to let you know that you need to perform a WordPress upgrade (+ plugins/themes) for websites hosted on our servers. More information on WordPress is available at wordpress.org.

You are receiving this email because a new WordPress version has been released, version {version}.

This version has been available for more than a week, and a recent automated scanning has detected one or more websites running an old version and in need of your attention.

You can perform an upgrade by logging in to your website (example.com/login) and accessing the updates section of the WordPress Dashboard. The recommended process for updating is:

1) Follow instructions to backup your database and files.
2) Update WordPress (core) by clicking on the "Upgrade Automatically" button.
3) Update the WordPress database if instructed to do so.
3) Update WordPress plugins.
4) Update WordPress themes.
5) Verify that everything is working as expected.

Details for the websites hosted on our servers are listed below:

{website} >>> Currently running: {oldversion} >>> Action needed: {action}

If you encounter any problems during or after the upgrade, please respond to this email keeping the title as is (for our ticketing system to keep track of issues) or by logging in to our billing system and directly replying to the ticket.

Website owners are given a grace period of 1 month, after receiving this email, for major upgrades not required for security purposes, to upgrade their websites. During this period, please make sure that any plugins/themes you are running are compatible with the new version, or made compatible by notifying either the plugin's/theme's developer or us, or uninstalled.

Outdated WordPress installations after this period will be forcefully upgraded regardless if things break. Running old versions no longer maintained, exposes both you and us to security vulnerabilities. Think-of-the-children/cyber/terrorism (not necessarily in that order) and keep your WordPress installations up-to-date. Congratulations to customers that spotted the meme of the week.

Minor security upgrades should be automatically installed by WordPress, since version 3.7. If you did not receive an email recently that your WordPress was automatically updated, please contact us to check if automatic minor updates are enabled for your website. Or why you aren't receiving the update emails.

Everytime you ignore this email, a kitten is (allegedly) ran over
. Unless you really, really hate kittens (who hates kittens???) don't do it or you risk breaking your websites and having us yelling "TOLD YOU SO!".

* deZillium does NOT support any action causing harm to any living (or dead for that matter) organism, either physically or mentally.

Thank you,
deZillium LTD


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