Forecast says nice weather, but clouds coming our way...

Forecast says nice weather, but clouds coming our way...

No this isn't another sad post :-D

deZillium has partnered with CloudFlare to offer increased performance and security for all of our web hosting plans. All of our hosted websites will be CloudFlare enabled to take advantage of CloudFlare's Content Distribution Network (CDN). For more information on CloudFlare, click here for an overview.

In a second phase, all of the websites that we currently host will be Railgun™ enabled, to give them that extra performance boost. These features (as they are implemented) will come as standard in all new hosted websites as well :-). Just saying, gettting your website Railgun™ enabled will cost you $200/month if you go with Cloudflare directly. Host a website with us and it will (eventually) be enabled for no additional cost. Yes we love our customers that much :-).

All domains that are registered through us have already been CloudFlare enabled, and there is nothing more you need to do. All domains registered through a 3rd party though will need their nameservers changed, look out for an email from us with instructions on what you need to do to take advantage of CloudFlare's CDN.

Since there was the recent "ZOMG the sky is falling !!!11eleven" lightning strike, we have lost capacity in our infrastructure as a result. Luckily a few days before that happened, we partnered with an IaaS company in preparation for a few other plans we were already working on. Fluffy, cloudy (new) servers floating around ;-). 3 have come online in the past week, with more sure to come in the future. Migrations are already under way (what? you aren't following us on twitter?).

We have noticed a lot better performance for all websites that are already migrated and Cloudflare enabled. In one particular case, an image heavy website loads 10 (ten) times as fast! And the best part is that it comes at no extra cost to our customers :-). Another first for Cyprus by deZillium.

These partnerships are helping us cope with a constantly increasing load on our servers. Increasing load is not a bad thing, it means we keep on  growing :-). Think of us like the tiny cloud that could.