The Apocalypse is coming! Run for the hills!

In an announcement from the Department of Meteorology (Cyprus) is a warning about severe thunderstorms hitting our small island. Topped with heavy snowfall on the highest mountains should make for a very interesting week.

Since thunderstorms and computers generally don't mix well, we are stepping up to DEFCON4, this time due to bad weather. We'll be on a high alert, looking out for any signs of it hitting the fan.

In the event that it does hit the fan, we are headed for DEFCON3. We'll be arranging for emergency delivery of additional generator fuel (on top of our existing stockpiled fuel). We have the capacity to continually run on generators for as long as it is necessary, provided of course we don't run out of fuel. Or our generators don't blow up.

In the event that the Apocalypse is indeed coming, we'll be taking emergency steps for a failover to a secondary datacenter. At this point we'll be at a DEFCON2 level. We'll pick a datacenter off our list, provided of course it's in a functional (society wise) country, and failover our services to it. This should bring a DEFCON1 level along with it, and at that point there is nothing else that we can do but pray. We'll arrange for large stone "S.O.S." letters as well.

Our primary datacenter is NOT in a flood prone area (actually it's on a hill, if it floods here, it means Cyprus (the island) as we know it no longer exists). At this point the only thing that can cause any service interruptions is a thunderstorm. We'll keep you updated if anything else comes up.